Color Theory Workshops

Sunday, January 25th, 2015

Saturday, February 28th, 2015

Time: 10:00AM—4:00PM

Fee: $75.00


     .    How to make beautiful color combinations using Golden Paints.

    •    Make several personal color charts for you to refer back to.

    •    Learn about color properties.

    •    Learn about inorganic pigments VS organic pigments.

    •    Learn about “clean” color mixing.

    •    How to avoid “muddy” colors.

    •    Learn the gray value scale.

    •    The psychology of color.

    •     You will also receive free paint samples, instructional guide brochure and handouts.

ALL MATERIALS ARE SUPPLIED! Paint, boards, brushes, palette knives etc. JUST bring yourself, and we will do the rest!

Bring a bagged lunch or a diner is available right next door. (Moms Kitchen)

Come join the fun of learning all about COLOR!

How to: Paint Applications, Gels, Grounds, Texture, Interference and Iridescent Paints Workshop.

This is an A to Z workshop on adapting paint applications.

Saturday: January 17th, 10AM—4PM

Sunday: March 8th, 10AM—4PM

Fee: $75.00


A full day in the studio with the teacher; learning almost all there is to know about acrylic paint. This is not a workshop about technique, but more about learning about the paint itself. What we will cover: explore gels and mediums, creating glazes, extend paints, texturize, change finishes, and use gluing agents for collages, discover interference and iridescent paints, tar gel, molding pastes, and heavy gels. Also you will learn the versatility of acrylic paints, paint gels, grounds for painting, drawing, mixed media pastel, and more! You will leave with many boards made up of samples of gels, mediums, pastes, and paint. You will gain a thorough understanding of how to accomplish what you want with acrylic paints. 

And...all materials are supplied! Paint, gels, mediums, boards, brushes, palette knives etc. JUST bring yourself, I'll do the rest!

Bring a bagged lunch, or eat at the diner, Moms Kitchen (next door)